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    Country Quicksteppers
    P.O. Box 4966
    Foster City, CA 94404

    The Country Quicksteppers dance club was formed in 1987 as a way to promote
    country western dancing as an educational, social, and recreational activity. From
    approximately 30 original members, the club grew to over 200 in its first year.

    Country Quicksteppers includes line dancers, two-step dancers, cloggers, and swing
    dancers. Some of our members enjoy promoting country western dancing at civic
    functions and county fairs. Our skillful DJ's keep dancers happy.

    Country Quicksteppers holds regular dances on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th (when
    applicable) Saturdays of every month. All dancers are invited to join our country
    western "family." Kick up your heels in an alcohol- and smoke-free environment
    where our motto is FUN!

    Country Quicksteppers members enjoy a $2 discount off dance admission. Dance
    admission is $10.00 for members and $12.00 for nonmembers, as of 7/1/11 Annual
    membership is $18.00 per person and is valid from July 1 to June 30. To join, please
    fill out the membership form and mail it or give it to us at our next dance.

    An Oldie, a Club Classic, and a New dance will be played in rotation at our dance
    socials, as of 1/08. It will still be your responsibility to mark your initials next to your
    favorite dances on the request list. We are hoping that this will enable everyone to
    dance at least every third dance. There is no list of new dances, as that information
    changes too frequently to maintain, but you can find Oldies and Club Classics listed
    in the DJ Guidelines.

    Based on the 25 playlists received out of 28 dances, these 27 dances were frequently
    played in 2010. Newer dances are in green. Club Classics are in black. Oldies are in

Home Schedule
Country Quicksteppers
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Home Schedule
OF 2010
1.  People are Crazy (24 playlists)
2.  Chocolate City Hustle (23)
2.  Nothing But taillights (23)
3.  American Cowboy (22)
3.  Evergreen (22)
4.  Louisiana Swing (20)
5.  Fly Like A Bird (19)
6.  Playing With Fire (18)
6.  Jambalaya (18)
6.  Tush Push (18)
7.  Beer For My Horses (17
7.  Bobbi With An I (17)
7.  Quarter After One (17)
8.  She Bangs (15)
9.  Toes (14)
9.  Zydeco Lady (14)
10. Silk & Satin (13)
10. Rhyme Or Reason (13)
11.  Cool Whip (12)
12. Bad Influence (11)
12. Fortune Foxtrot (11)
13. Make You Sweat (10)
13. Stuff You Gotta Watch (10)
14. Hello Dolly (9)
14. Holding On To Yesterday (9)
14. It's Up To You (9)
14. Storybook Endings (9)
*New dances not on Club Classics or Oldies list