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Country Quicksteppers
  Board Job Descriptions
  • Presides at Board and General Membership meetings
  • Is a member of all committees
  • Appoints/removes committees and nonelected officers with Board approval
  • Has general supervision over all club activities
  • Schedules a Board meeting once a month
  • Purchases raffle prizes
  • Prepares DJ schedule
  • Researches possible dance venues
  • Makes reservations at dance venues
  • Checks for mail in P.O. box and email inbox
  • Sends reminder emails prior to each dance
  • Answers letters of complaint or praise
  • Oversees publishing of club newsletter The StraightShooter
  • Writes monthly article for newsletter

    Past President
  • Acts as advisor and parliamentary to Board

    Vice President
  • Assumes powers of President when President is not in attendance
  • Assists with planning and arrangements
  • Is in charge of refreshments and snacks
  • Coordinates club activities

  • Has custody of club funds (e.g., cash box, checks)
  • Receives and disburses club funds with Board approval
  • Collects dues
  • Keeps accurate account of funds in ledger
  • Pays all financial obligations on time with club funds
  • Prepares checks which must be cosigned with two signatures
  • Prepares monthly financial reports
  • Is responsible for insurance payments and updates

  • Maintain current membership records
  • Keeps President updated
  • Issues membership cards
  • Collects dues for transfer to Treasurer

  • Keeps copies of by-laws, records, and documents of club
  • Keeps record of meetings and club activities
  • Is responsible for correspondence with club members
  • Maintains mailing list of club members
  • Prints and distributes to DJ's special event fliers and club schedules
  • Sends out contracts to DJ's

  • Keeps order at all club activities
  • Enforces dance floor etiquette
  • Sells 50-50 raffle tickets
  • Is responsible for overall dance event safety
  • Makes sure that fire exits are not blocked
  • Makes sure that walking areas are clear of obstacles
  • Knows locations of fire alarm pulls and fire extinguishers
  • Carries cell phone for emergency police and fire contact
  • NOTE:
    Members may run together to share the duties of a single Board position.
    For club-related questions, please email quicksteppers@yahoo.com
    For web-related issues, email webmaster
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