Playlist from 12/31/08, Country Quicksteppers New Year’s Eve “Glitz At The Ritz Goes For The Gold” Dance

DJ’s Evelyn Khinoo and Denny Harris


Dance in alphabetical order:

1.                  123 Summertime

2.                  Alley Cat

3.                  Am I

4.                  Amame

5.                  Amor De Hielo

6.                  Auld Lang Syne

7.                  Baby Believe

8.                  Baby Likes To Rock It

9.                  Beer For My Horses

10.             Bicycle Waltz

11.             Bocephus

12.             Body Cha

13.             Bosa Nova

14.             Buckle Polisher (2)

15.             Cabo San Lucas

16.             Catch The Rain

17.             Cha Cha Lengua

18.             Cowboys Dont Cry

19.             Crazy Foot Mambo

20.             Doctor’s Orders

21.             Dreams of Martina

22.             Drifter

23.             East To West

24.             Fireman

25.             Fly Like A Bird

26.             Guantanamera

27.             Head Phones

28.             Hot Tamales

29.             I Remember

30.             Lemon Tree

31.             Like A Dream

32.             Looking Back

33.             Love Worth Waiting For

34.             Murphy’s Law

35.             My Mamacita

36.             My Veronica

37.             Never Ending Love

38.             Norma Jean

39.             Nothin’ But Taillights

40.             Oklahoma Wind

41.             Rio

42.             Rock Around The Clock

43.             Sea Salt Sally

44.             Silk & Satin

45.             Simplemente

46.             Speak To The Sky

47.             Spotlight

48.             Stampede

49.             Storybook Endings

50.             Tango Cha

51.             The Way You Look

52.             Tumbling Rush

53.             Tush Push

54.             Uno Dos Tres

55.             Waltz Across Texas

56.             Zydeco Lady


Most requested, combining All Categories below:  Oklahoma Wind

2nd most requested:                                                    Zydeco Lady

3rd most requested:                                                    Silk & Satin, Crazy Foot Mambo


Most requested of the Oldies category:                    Zydeco Lady

2nd most requested of this category:                        Silk & Satin

3rd most requested of this category:                         Storybook Endings


Most requested of the Club Classics category:        Oklahoma Wind

2nd most requested of this category:                        Crazy Foot Mambo

3rd most requested of this category:                         Simplemente, My Mamacita, Teach Me To Dance, I Remember


Most requested of the New Dances category:         Amame, Tumbling Rush

2nd most requested of this category:                        Head Phones

3rd most requested of this category:                         Tango Cha, Never Ending Love



A lot of the above listed dances were only 1 or 2 votes from each other! ~ Evelyn